Uber Tales

Stories and Observations from Behind the Wheel as an Uber Driver

Created by Deborah Ratliff

On March 31, 2017 I went active as an Uber driver. For the first couple of months I only did it part-time as I had another part-time job, too. But when that other part-time job ended and I couldn’t get anything else right away, I hit the road full-time as an Uber driver. And after a while, I realized I liked it and stayed with it ever since.

Uber Tales is a collection of stories and observations from the road. I don’t have any totally, insanely outrageous story to share here but I’ve got a lot of goofy-funny ones, some that are perplexing to say the least, and yes, a fair number of morons and jerks.

This is a story of life on the road in a big tourist city from the highs and lows, a pandemic, and a recovery. It’s over twelve-thousand rides, enough miles to have circled the planet a few times, and also how being an independent contractor managed by a computer algorithm measures up to working a normal job managed by humans (I’ll take the algorithm over the humans as you read in the book).

So sit back and enjoy the ride.


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