The Darcy and Ronan Show

Meet Darcy and Ronan, diva-dog and super-chonk cat

Darcy and Ronan are both rescues, strays that came into my life and have been with me for over a decade now. These are their stories.

Ronan (feline fattius)

Ronan came to me on a cold February day when I went out onto my back patio to fill up the food dish I was leaving out for the feral cats that lived at my apartment complex. The feral cats scattered, leaving behind one black-and-white kitten. I opened the patio door to my apartment and this little kitten ran inside, jumped up on my sofa and curled up in a blanket. As you can see, he’s grown into quite the super-chonk as he loves to eat, sleep, be petted several times a day, meow at stray cats outside, and of course be my dog’s feline brother.

Darcy (Canine Gorgeousness)

On a cold day in January 2011, my friend brought over two young dogs she’d found abandoned on the side of the road. I took my Darcy in (we got the other dog adopted by another family) and it’s been an adventure. I’d never had a dog before and I must say I made a lot of mistakes with Darcy. But with an incredible trainer, I was able to learn how to be a good dog-mom. Darcy is very intelligent, playful, loves people but isn’t fond of other dogs (a story for another time), and loves her feline brother Ronan.

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