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Michele’s Emporium – My CafePress Store

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This is my CafePress store where I sell stuff I made using images I created. The quality of the items are very good as I’ve ordered stuff from them before and it was well-made.

If you have any questions, please let me know. And thank you for shopping at my store!

Going Back to the Office

Products for Coffee-Loving Office Dwellers (yes, click here to open in a new tab)

This was what I used to say to people in the office sometimes when I was waylaid by them before or as I got to my desk because my boss usually got to me first before I could get to anyone else’s problems.

Adopt Don’t Shop

As a mom to two rescues (my cat and my dog), I ask people to please adopt and don’t shop. So I created this line of products to show the world rescues are truly the best! (Click Here to Show the World Rescues are the Best!)

My dog and cat are very special to me and yes, both are rescues that I didn’t even have to go to the shelter to find. The Universe likes to put orphaned animals in my path and I’m forever grateful for that (though if the Universe doesn’t put an orphaned animal in my path I will go to a shelter and adopt).

Writers write

First and foremost, writers write. Then they revise, edit, and rewrite. Then they write some more. (Click here for ways to remind you or someone you know who writes).

Writing is more than just putting words down onto paper (or a computer screen in my case). It’s editing, revising, rewriting, then writing some words after that. Day in and day out.

But in the end that’s what writers do: they write.

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