Short Stories

These are short stories I’ve written in, mostly for the writer’s group I admin for on Facebook (Writer’s Unite). I hope you like them.

My Newest Short Story, ‘A River City Night’ : A modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast set in my hometown of San Antonio with Beauty and her Beast fighting not to let a spell determine their fate.

‘Two in the Woods’ was written for a prompt for my writer’s group ‘Writer’s Unite’ and I wrote its’ sequel, ‘Two at Sea’ simply because I wanted to (I had to give these two a happy ending). The initial idea came from an old episode of the tv series ‘The Twilight Zone’ called ‘Two’ in which two soldiers from opposite sides come together . In the original episode the female character didn’t say anything but in my stories I’ve given her a much bigger role and voice.

The next two stories are together, too. Both were inspired by songs performed by country singer Pam Tillis. The first, ‘Maybe It Was Memphis’ was an idea of mine where I asked myself if it was possible to sustain a connection over time. Its’ sequel, ‘The River and the Highway’ was about two people trying to make a connection come together after knowing each other for years.

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