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The Old Series:

The Old Telephone

As two young people were out walking

They came upon something they’d never seen before

“What is this?”, they asked.

It says ‘telephone’ on it.”

They moved closer to it

They read that you had to deposit fifty-cents

“Like a vending machine?”

They stared at the worn and beat-up old thing,

“Why would people use this

When everyone has a cellphone?”

An older person then walked up to the two young ones

And said to them:

“Before everyone had a cellphone,

We used these pay-phones, as we called them,

To call people.”

Also, the older person said,

“These are used by people who want to make calls,

And not have them tracked like their cellphone can.”

“Ah…” Said the two young people in understanding.

“Like drug dealers?”

The older person merely smiled in reply.

Then one of the young persons asked,

“What if you didn’t have change to make a call

And needed to? Like it was an emergency?”

The older person replied,

“You dialed ‘0’ and told the person who answers,

That person is called ‘The Operator’

That you want to make a ‘collect call’

To whomever you needed to
And the person you were calling

Would have to accept the charges

That you weren’t able to pay

Trust me, I had to do it a few times myself.”

“Wow…” The young people said in unison

“That’s really neat.”

“Yes, young ones, this is how us old ones

Survived without cell phones.”

The young ones thanked the old one

Then walked away.

Enlightened to the past

And the need for not only the old ones to teach them

But for old things to still be around and useful

The Old Poster

One night while sitting down to eat

I looked up from my plate of food

And saw this old poster

In black and white

And by the style of the person in it,

And from the brand of beer front and center

It was from the 1970’s

I wondered what it was like

To see this poster for the first time

For in the 1970’s, I was but a young child

I look back at past decades

And wonder how things have changed

And how they should have stayed the same

In the 70’s, the music was always on it seemed

Country, rock, soul

I wondered who was in this old poster I looked at

I wondered what he was thinking when that picture was taken

His look was cool

Like he didn’t know what a suit-and-tie was

Like he’d never been a corporate drone

Or an uptight politician

He was a musician and singer I found out

By the name of Doug Sahm

He was cool as could be

The Pearl beer he held was the beer to drink back then

Now it’s but a memory

I love old things for they always tell a story

And this old poster was from a singer in a time

When singers sang,

Everything was going to be alright

It’s something I hear now in this time of crisis

And now I tell myself I will go to where that old poster is

Sit down and have a plate of food

Look up at that poster

And remember

Everything is going to be alright

The Old Teddy Bear

I found this old teddy bear in a box

I believe it was my late father’s

From when he was a young child

So many decades ago

The bear is very worn

And loved, as my late mother used to say

I can see where he’s been stitched up

Probably by my grandmother

Long before I was born

This bear was given to my father

In a time before television and computers

It may have crossed an ocean

Sat in many boxes over many moves

Yet somehow it stayed with him

And now it’s with me

It reminds me of the teddy bear on the show M*A*S*H

The one the character Radar had

And left with Hawkeye

Who put it in the time capsule

And said:

“For all those who came here as boys,

And left as men.”

I will keep it with me now

An object that is a link to the past

And to those who have long gone before me

I will look at it and remember childhood

Waking up in the dark in the middle of the night

Wanting to be still and quiet

Yet needing something to hold on to

Maybe the story of The Velveteen Rabbit is right

When stuffed toys leave us

They become real in their own world

Yet they never forget they were loved

May we all never forget when we were loved

May we all remember holding a soft friend in the night

May we all remember those who have gone before us

And if something is left behind

Like this old teddy bear

May we keep it and cherish it always

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