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Darcy and Ronan – Best Friens

Best Friends Forever – Darcy the Diva-Dog and Rona the Super-Chonk Cat.

Random Places

Random place from my hometown, San Antonio, Texas.

Darcy the diva-dog

My gorgeous baby here is almost nine years old now. A rescue of unknown origin (my friend found her abandoned on the side of the road), I say she looks like the result of a blind date with a border collie and a golden retriever. She doesn’t like other dogs (long story), loves cats, being worshipped, and food.

Ronan – from kitten to super-chonk

This is my boy Ronan. He’s about ten years old now. I found him abandoned on my back patio on the coldest day of that year. He ran inside my apartment and stayed. He’s grown to a very big boy who resists all attempts at dieting. But he’s really sweet though not always the sharpest claw in the paw.

Some plants i’ve had over the years

Plants I’ve had over the years.