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My writing can be sarcastic, profane, irreverent, wise-cracking, and somewhat serious, sometimes all in the same paragraph.

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Stand or Fall: How I Stayed True to My Values

Over the last six years or so, I’ve asked myself repeatedly why I never, ever considered changing my values from liberal to conservative. How have I stayed true to liberal values of kindness, compassion, empathy, and conscience? Simple: because for the last forty years, conservatives have demonized those values and turned them into weaknesses when…

Breaking Radio Silence – People Appeasing

In self-help/therapy circles, the term ‘people pleasing’ is a common topic of discussion. ‘People pleasing’ is when a person adopts a persona of always being  agreeable, calm, and stable on the surface, and always putting others before themselves. It’s like they want to please people but in reality, they’re just trying to appease people so…

Breaking Radio Silence – Three Healing Steps

Being a cycle breaker is realizing you’re not getting an apology for the hurt done to you, & instead of passing on that hurt, you heal it. It’s giving voice to the parts of you who have been forced into silence. It’s no longer apologizing for your desire to be set free.– Nate Postlewait (@nate_postlethwt)…

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