Out of the Suburbs and Around the World

From ‘The Lockdown Interviews’

by Richard Blade (Copyright 2021 Bladerocker Books):

Interview with Duran Duran bassist John Taylor:

“And I think there is behind so many of these songs the narrative of these suburban kids being taken out of their comfort zone and going on this crazy ride around the world,”

It was this quote from John Taylor that perfectly summed up what it has felt like for me to listen to music, watch movies and tv shows, and read books that have taken me, a kid who grew up in the middle-class suburbs of South Texas and went around the world in my mind and through what I was hearing and seeing. So this page is about the music, movies, tv shows, and books that took me out of my suburban comfort zone (not that comfortable really- but that’s a story for another page) and on a crazy ride around the world to places I’ve only been able to go virtually or in my imagination.

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