Behind the Story

How I Write and the Stories Behind My Writing

My Long and Complicated Relationship with Writing

I started writing when I was ten years old with pencil and paper. And in the thirty-eight years since then, I’ve written thousands of words. I’ve spent many hours reading about writing, studying writing, attended workshops and classes, and edited and revised till my eyes crossed over and burned. Yet I’ve stayed with it and always come back to it.

Yet my relationship with writing is complicated because of how I started it, and what it did to me and my life. It’s also complicated by a ghost in my life, my father. He was a writer, too and this book is also a conversation with him through the written word here.

If you’re a writer, you’ll learn how writing can be a form of therapy and how it is a part of your emotional and mental state. If you’re not a writer then this is an insight into the creative process and what motivates people to pursue it. And in the end the only advice I will give is this: keep writing.

The Written Road – An Origin Story

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