The Road: My Writing Journey

Articles – Motivation and Creativity Issues

These are articles addressing issues related to motivation to write and overcoming obstacles. Articles are here in PDF format for easy reading.

The first article says it all:

Writers Write: This is a thought that came to my mind one day and stayed. It helped me gain focus on my work and I’ve adopted it as a personal mantra (and also put it on merchandise you can buy HERE

Writer’s Block is a common term describing how it feels not to be able to write. I believe it’s real based on my own experiences. This article tells my story and hopefully will give writers valuable tools to help work through those times when the words just won’t come.

How To: Fiction

Fiction is imagination along with plot and characters. It presents challenges that are unique to stories of the imagination.

Fiction readers have high expectations of a story from the very beginning. This article is about how to write a beginning that draws your reader right into your story.

How To: Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction is a very broad area of writing to explore. From short non-fiction writing such as blogs and articles, to full-length books it’s all about writing to the truth. From memoire, to history, to philosophy, travel, and beyond, it’s all here.

For me, I’ve discovered that I can outline non-fiction projects even though I can’t do that with fiction projects. Here’s how I do that:

Marketing and Promotional How-To’s

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Merchandise for Writers

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