My Non-Fiction Hybrid Trilogy

These three books are what I call my non-fiction hybrids, books that are both memoire and other topics, such as self-help, history and commentary, and writing how-to along with the story of my complicated relationship with writing.

This page contains excerpts and posts about these books-in-progress.

Breaking Radio Silence

“Why do I think and feel the way I do?” It was a simple question I asked myself in the Fall of 2016 though I had no idea what the search for the answers would lead me to. My search took me to the deepest and darkest parts of my mind, my heart, and my soul. It took me to the storage unit of my mind, through all the memories, thoughts, and feelings I’d boxed up and hidden away. As I opened those boxes I broke my silence in my mind, my heart, and my soul. And most of all, I began to believe in my strength, strength that was always there inside me all along.

This is my story of how I broke my silence once and for all.

Current Blog Posts


After the 2016 US Presidential Election, I asked a question along with millions of other people: what the hell happened, and how the hell did it happen? Hope was shattered on that awful night in November 2016 and shortly after, I initiated project simply labeled ‘Untitled Political Book’. Over the last two decades, politics has become a terribly disgusting word, especially to women who talk about it, and challenge what’s wrong in this world. But I wanted to look back over the last twenty-eight years, from the hope of the 1992 Election to now and try and figure out where it all went wrong. And figure out what we can do to make it right.

How to Write Through Fear, Imagination, and Courage

Over thirty-six years of writing, I’ve learned a lot about writing and seen a lot of changes in writing and publishing, too. This is my story of what I’ve written and been through as a writer in addition to a basic guide for writing both fiction and non-fiction. For me, writing is deeply personal and something that has been a part of my life for so long it’s what I define myself as now.

It’s never too late to begin again.

Julia Cameron

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