Fiction – Short Takes

Short Stories

Two Stories Together

These two stories, “Two In The Woods” and “Two At Sea” are together. “Two In The Woods” was written from a prompt in a Facebook writer’s group I belong to. I liked the characters I created so much that I wrote a sequel on my own.

These are pretty short reads and I hope you like them.

Stories Behind the Stories and How-To’s

There’s always a story behind my stories as I like to say. But I’ve also discovered that writing short stories has helped me a lot as a writer so I’ll be sharing exactly how that has happened here, too.


“Her Sexy Chef”

A journalist sent to interview a sexy Spanish chef in Miami Beach gets more than just a great story. A fun and sexy short novella with a bit of a surprise happy ending.

I never thought I could write short stories until I wrote them.

Michele Sayre