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A Desperate Race Against Time…

Kidnapped by vicious Colombian drug lord Miguel Perez in order to make her reveal what her brother took him, former school teacher Laura Delaney is rescued by her brother partner Jake Sheridan. But in a desperate attempt to escape, her brother Patrick is wounded and Jake and Laura are forced to flee without him.

Safely away from Perez, Jake and Laura work with Jake and Patrick’s boss and fellow operatives from their private security firm to figure out what Patrick really did and why. But Perez is hell-bent on taking Laura captive and torturing her as he believes she is the key to unlocking her brother’s secrets.

Laura has never known a man like Jake, strong, protective, and kind. She trusts him with her life, and with her heart. And though Jake is powerfully attracted to Laura, he knows falling in love is the ultimate danger for them… especially in their desperate race against time to rescue her brother, and hope their time together never ends.

Excerpt from Current Novel-in-Progress

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Behind the Scenes Stories

These are stories behind what I’m writing, such as where my ideas come from, how I create my plots and characters, research I did, and even playlists of musical influences.

As Jake got to his feet, he felt his gut begin to churn and burn with the pain of betrayal. Because not only did he have to figure out how the hell he was going to get Patrick out of this, but how he was going to rescue a woman he hadn’t known existed…  until now.

from Chapter One – ‘Not Enough Time’