About Me (And My Pets)

So you know what I look like – May 2020 with my most recent pair of glasses.

My Favorites:

Music: most anything though I have a special love for 1980’s music

Movies: most anything though I have a special love for sci-fi, good comedy, and old classics

Food: Tacos, burgers, pizza though I like to try new stuff

Drink: Coffee, root beer, and anything non-alcoholic (sadly, my body does not like any kind of fermented alcohol)

Books: Way too numerous to mention but my heart belongs to romance and good non-fiction

Political affiliation: Flaming Liberal Progressive Democrat

Single, Never Married,

No Human Kids (just furry ones)

Born: May 15, 1974 (before the internet and MTV)

Born In: San Antonio, Texas (I still live there and I graduated from Judson High School in 1992 for any San Antonio peeps reading this)

My Bio In So Many Words (or less)

I grew up as a short, fat, extremely-shy and extremely-klutzy kid. And I’m still a short, fat, not-as-shy but still very-klutzy adult. I can’t remember not having an overactive imagination and am eternally grateful for it because at least it gives me somewhere to go when things get exceptionally-shitty. I graduated high school with low-B average, no SAT/ACT scores and no idea what I wanted to do other than write. When I was twenty-one, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the next seven years helping to care for her until she died in 2002. My dad outlived her for nine years till he died in 2011.

I left home on my own for the first time in 2003 to be closer to my second call-center job and stayed in call-center hell until 2016. Since 2016, I’ve done delivery work, drove for Uber, gotten evicted from my apartment and lived out of motel rooms. But throughout all the bullshit, pain, and misery of my life I’ve protected my dream of being a creative professional. I’ve been writing seriously since I was ten years old and have been pursuing it off and on ever since.

My Pets aka My Fur-Kids

Ronan – Super-Chonk Cat
He’s almost ten years old (in human years) and he’s sweet as can be and patient as a saint with my dog, but he’s not the sharpest claw in the paw sometimes. He was a stray I adopted on a very cold February morning when I went outside to put some food out for the colony of feral cats who lived in the apartment complex I was living in at the time. As soon as I stepped outside, they ran like hell except for this little ball of black-and-white fur. He meowed and as I opened the patio door back up, he ran into my apartment and jumped up on my sofa and curled up in a blanket I had there. I told him to make himself at home and he did. He loves cat food, tuna fish, and though he won’t admit it, belly rubs.

Darcy – Diva-Dog Extraordinaire
She’s almost nine years old now (in human years) and smart and stubborn, yet still as playful as a puppy. As to what kind of dog she is, I always say she looks like the result of a blind date between a border collie and a golden retriever. My friend found her and another dog abandoned on the side of the road and brought them to my place. I took Darcy and we got the other dog adopted out. I’ve never had a dog before so needless to say I knew nothing of proper socialization or training. But since she almost got attacked three times in the first year, basic nice-nice-cute training probably wouldn’t have helped. Luckily, I found a trainer who helped me learn how to handle her but Darcy is an expert at canine social distancing. She loves to eat pretty much anything that looks remotely edible, thinks all humans live to pet and praise her beauty, and will freely admit she loves her daily belly rubs.