Uber Driver’s Blues

A parody inspired by the song ‘Smuggler’s Blues’ by Glen Frey (Songwriters: Frey Glenn Lewis / Tempchin Jack Smuggler’s Blues lyrics © Red Cloud Music, Night River Publishing)

Uber Driver’s Blues

There was no money coming in

No one was hiring, So I had an idea

I downloaded the Uber driver app

Put in all my information

But I didn’t think I’d get onboard so fast

The app went live and I hit the road

So baby I was on the road

I’m behind the wheel, learning how to navigate

Trying to figure out how to do this job

Even though I wasn’t given any info on how to do it

I’m sorry to my passengers whose navigation I screwed up

It was the nature of the business back then

It was the Uber Driver’s Blues

Uber Driver’s Blues

The drivers and the riders, the idiots and the jerks

Bad driving, bad behavior, the indecent proposals I had to turn down

No matter if it’s day or if it’s night

You got to keep driving to get the fare

There’s lots of interesting people, lots of good conversation

But there are a few loony conversations, too

Every rider’s name is forgotten because all you have is their first name

Perhaps you’d understand it better

Driving a car like I do, it’s all about the hustle

It’s the Uber Driver Blues

Uber Driver Blues

You read about it online, watch the YouTube videos

They say it’s not going to last, but we’re still on the road

Moving through the streets, up and down the highways

We drive day and night, we’re here to stay

It’s keeping people like me out of call-centers

You ask anyone else they’ll say I’d do it if I didn’t have to navigate

Or deal with drunks or potential puke

But that’s just between me and you

It’s a decent proposition, this driving around day and night

It’s the politics of the hustle

It’s the Uber Driver’s Blues

Uber Driver’s Blues

Author: Michele

Writer by day, Uber driver by night. Single mom to two fur-kids (a dog and a cat).

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