Behind the Story – No Place for a Hero

Every month the Facebook group I admin for, Writers Unite, has a feature called ‘Write the Story’. A picture is posted and our members can submit a story or a poem inspired by the picture. This month I decided to participate and came up with my story, ‘No Place for a Hero’.

It was inspired by the Sky/Cinemax television show ‘Strike Back’, specifically the very first series ‘Strike Back: Origins’. The ‘Strike Back: Origins’ series was about John Porter, a British Army Special Forces soldier who in 2003 lead a rescue in Iraq just as the war began. In that rescue two of his men were killed and Porter was sort of blamed for it as he was the mission commander. The series then went forward eight years later when Porter is working as a security guard, divorced and estranged from his daughter. He gets back into action and in the last episode of this series, he finds out what happened to his men (spoiler: it was a friendly-fire incident).

My story was me thinking what if a solider like John Porter, who I named my lead character after in tribute, was part of a possible friendly fire incident and had to keep it a secret for twenty years. When the moment came to reveal whether or not he was responsible for it would be the most important of his life. In real life, moments like these don’t happen quite as shortly-told as I did here but I believe in happy endings and being there for someone no matter what. I hope you enjoy the story about love and redemption.

Click here to read it: Michele Sayre: No Place for a Hero | Writers Unite! (

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