What Divides Us

I’m currently reading the book ‘What Unites Us’ by Dan Rather and Eliot Kirschner and I’ll be writing about it when I’m finished reading it. But today I want to talk about what divides us in this country. It’s not simple terms of politics or issues, it’s what we choose to believe in and support.

As I’m writing this, a racist group of motherfuckers called the Proud Boys and their supporters are trying to stage a coup on the United States Congress. The President of the United States is doing nothing to stop this. Congress is in a two-hour debate over the Electoral College results that will result in no changes to the outcome of the Election and the coming inauguration of Joseph Biden as the forty-sixth President of the United States. The majority of Americans do not support this attempted coup or attempt at establishing a dictatorship. Yet the minority who voted against democracy and justice have to answer for this attempted coup.


Because this is what the Republican Party and the conservative movement have become. This nightmare has come to life and silence only fuels it even more.

But what if you don’t agree with the other side? The positions on healthcare, the economy, social justice, and this pandemic were still living through? Ask yourself why without answering in a soundbite such as a wrecked economy, my guns being taken from me, and being vaccinated against a disease that has killed over three-hundred thousand Americans.

Here’s a news flash for the sound-biters: the economy’s totally fucked with a multi-trillion deficit, no significant gun legislation has been passed in decades, and if you want to go on killing your fellow Americans, prepare to be stopped.

Am I being ugly and harsh here?

No. I’m just telling the truth.

What has fueled the Republican Party and conservatives more than anything is fear-mongering that is nothing but a smokescreen carefully designed to keep people away from the real issues facing us all, and worst of all, enforcing the belief that suffering is justified.

That belief that suffering is justified is the root of all evil in this world. The belief that people have to suffer because that’s the way of the world, and that they’re not worth saving, or believing in. That if we alleviate suffering we will suffer in return.

No. That’s not how it will work.

Alleviating pain and suffering is the heart of the teachings of Jesus Christ and other great religious leaders and prophets. This is why religion is twisted into evil because it takes the message of suffering but tries to destroy the rest of the message of hope.

For so long, I hesitated to write about anything ‘political’. I was told I knew nothing and that I was a foolish optimist. I reject both of those things and say instead: despite the pain and suffering in this world, I believe in a better one. And I am committed to trying to make this world a better place in any way I can. I do so by how I live my life, how I treat people, and how I speak out against what is wrong in this world.

My core belief now is that pain and suffering are never justified. We will never be able to take it all away but we can work our damn asses off to alleviate as much of it as we can, and provide comfort to those at the end of their lives.

Supporting a political party or an ideology that perpetuates pain and suffering is wrong. Not speaking out against racism, injustice, poverty, suffering, and needless death is wrong.

And I’m not a foolish optimist to believe that we can work together, but only if we unite in one cause: to make this world a better place and do everything we can to alleviate pain and suffering.

Racism, violence, and hatred perpetuate pain and suffering. Poverty, hunger, homelessness perpetuate pain and suffering.

This is what divides us. And ending it as much as we can is what can unite us.

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