Ignorance Is Not Attractive

I’ve wanted to tell a lot of people over the years their ignorance is not attractive, including the still-drunk-from-last-night lady in the car I had this morning. She asked me if I would take the covid-19 vaccine and without a second’s hesitation I said yes and as soon as I could. She goes, “Really? Are you sure about that?” She in turn said she was ‘skeptical’ about the vaccine. When I asked why, she said she didn’t know. Then she started in with some bullshit about being skeptical about how fast the vaccine was developed then the kicker that it was a man-made virus that got out of the lab in China. But when I asked her if she knew how the vaccine was developed and also how the virus was discovered again, she said “I don’t know.”

Okay, if you honestly don’t know something then “I don’t know’ is a valid answer. But if you say you know something but can’t back it up with facts and other information, then your ‘I don’t know’ is total fucking bullshit. It means you have chosen to believe whatever you want to in order to go along with your own life and not give two shits about anyone but yourself.

Yet… people will believe what selfish insensitive clods like this say over people who are not selfish and are trying to save lives like medical researchers who bust their asses creating vaccines.

I have been fascinated by science ever since I can remember. I love science and love learning about it every single day. And I don’t get my information from some yokel on the internet who got his title out of a Cracker Jack box. I look for people who have gone to real schools and done the damn work to earn their titles, and have worked their asses off since to use science for the betterment of humanity, not to grift people out of their money so they can be rich assholes.

I’m not a degreed expert in anything but I work my ass off to educate myself on what’s going on in our world. I consume a lot of information on a daily basis that’s not from some dumb-ass ranting and raving on You Tube or Facebook.

But how do I know my sources are solid? They present facts and figures that have been checked by other people and also their scientific work is peer-reviewed (meaning their peers have reviewed their work and tried to replicate it). Or simply put, information put out by people who are not greedy, loud-mouthed assholes.

So if you think a loud-mouthed asshole has more credibility than a calm and focused professional, your ignorance is showing big-time. The loudest person in the room is usually the biggest asshole. And it’s about damn time we tell them to shut the fuck up and make sure they do.

Most of all, ignorance is not an attractive quality in a person. Not only does it show a fundamental lack of respect for basic knowledge and truth, it’s cold and insensitive and without empathy and compassion. That’s what kills it for me and the reason I’m really finding it hard not to push back against it now. It’s one thing to be a raving lunatic in your own basement. It’s another thing to be a raving lunatic with a microphone convincing people not to take care of themselves and kill people because of that.

I will not blindly follow the loudest asshole in the room, or the asshole who tells me to be afraid but won’t tell me why I should be afraid to begin with and what I can do to protect myself and others (especially if that shit is followed by some sneaky request for money). I will not blindly follow someone who seeks to dictate my every thought and feeling, and says they have all the answers because I personally know that’s not true of any human being on this planet.

So in the end, think for yourself. Challenge the loudmouths and tell them to shut the fuck up if possible. And most of all, it’s not wrong to ask someone why they believe what they do without any way of backing that up.

Ignorance is not attractive. Never has been, and it never will be.

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