Mad World and Comfortably Numb

As you can imagine, I listen to a lot of music in the car and with satellite radio my musical choices are much more diverse. And right now, I would say two songs really capture the mood of the world right now.

First up is ‘Mad World’ by Tears for Fears. Written and recorded in 1982 it’s really timely though a bit quaint considering the big fear back in the early 1980’s was nuclear war and total Armageddon. There was so much talk about just blowing everything up and if so, why live in the first place. Today it’s let a virus run rampant then let someone else clean up the mess but not too much so stock portfolios stay fat and happy.

Second up is ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd. Written and recorded in 1979 for Pink Floyd’s album ‘The Wall’, it’s about a rock star numbing himself out from the pressures of fame and just total overload. This song was voted Number One on the Classic Rewind Channel’s Top 500 songs of the Cassette Era by listeners.

I think of the contrasts of both of these songs and not just in titles. ‘Mad World’ would give an image of people running around screaming their heads off then just plopping down on the ground and saying to hell with it. ‘Comfortably Numb’ would just be people sitting in their houses numbed out to the world. I can see both songs as perfectly normal responses to the nutso world we live in right now. I will just say ‘Comfortably Numb’ is best listened to when you’re higher than a kite on good pot.

But I’m going to get defiant and go a bit punk-rock here: no one should have to live in a mad world and get comfortably numb to deal with it. There is NO need to hang the threat of nuclear Armageddon or plague over the world simply because you can and it benefits your stock portfolio. And there is NO need for people to numb themselves out to deal with people’s bullshit that shouldn’t exist in the first place. We need to stop rewarding and tolerating people in positions of power and influence who are not fit for the job. And people need to pull their heads out of their asses and start giving a damn about their fellow human beings, even if they’re poor and don’t have the same color skin as you do.

Over the many years of my life I have heard the really dumb-ass argument that things shouldn’t be dull, boring, or predictable. Not everything should be that way of course though trying telling that to these dumb-asses. But things should work well and problems should be solved with a one-and-done attitude.

Over the many years of my life, I have felt like the assholes of this world would love to just take a shit on me because I care about doing things right and making things work for people. For example, when I worked the phones I took the time to listen to people and try and solve their problems in one phone call. I took ownership as we used to say and a lot of my fellow co-workers did, too. Yet the dumb-asses that we all worked with who wanted their hands held got the most attention and tried to make the lives of me and my co-workers a living hell. I’m sick and tired of people like that- people who are either stupid or just flat-out mean and cruel and don’t give a shit. Tolerance doesn’t extend to people who sure as hell don’t treat you and other people well.

Maybe someone reading this will try to write this off as the rantings of a middle-aged bitch. No, I’m not ranting. I’m telling the damn truth and calling out bullshit and incompetence. And I’ve been so damn reluctant to do this because I was afraid that bullshit-incompetent assholes had power over me. They don’t and that’s because I’m not giving it to them. I’m taking it away even though they probably didn’t know they had it in the first place.

If you think that boredom and predictability are bad, take up bungee jumping or skydiving. Don’t bitch and moan about things going well and working day in and day out. I would climb Mount Everest if I thought it would give me a life where a lot of shit didn’t happen because of some asshole-morons who can’t think their way out of a paper bag. Most of all, I’m tired of that kind of behavior being rewarded. Dumb-ass behavior fucks things up and leaves a mess for other people to clean up.

I want to live in a world where songs like ‘Mad World’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ are just songs you can trip out to and enjoy and not use as a coping mechanism. Coping skills aren’t positive traits. They’re survival skills that just keep you going but will eventually wear you down because coping doesn’t solve problems. Action solves problems and giving a shit solves problems. And yes, that might piss off some asshole. And to that I say: Good. It’s about damn time the dumb-asses of this world get called out on their shit.

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