Truth Wins

Last night, Uber’s Instant Pay for drivers went down. This is a feature that allows drivers to cash out their earnings by putting them immediately onto their debit cards attached to their bank accounts. It’s enormously convenient and since most of us drivers live pretty lean, essential to our survival.

Two years ago, Uber Instant Pay went down for close to week in some parts of the country. And yes, it put the hurt on a lot of drivers including myself. There was a lot of chatter on social media about this but as my late father used to say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. For this current outage, I found a message on the main website through my laptop saying Instant Pay was down due to scheduled maintenance which I tweeted out to Uber Support. What I didn’t tweet out was this: if that was the case then why didn’t you give us a heads-up in the first place so we could plan accordingly?

In the corporate world, there would inevitably be someone who would take a foul-up like this and try to blame on the people affected by it, even though they had nothing to do with this in the first place. This ‘someone’, aka asshole, would try to make something someone else’s fault when that wasn’t the case. I call this ‘deflection’ and it needs to come to a screeching-ass halt right now.

Now you may ask, why do people do stupid shit like this? Well, I’m going to barbeque a few possibilities in reply to that question.

First, some people are just dumber than a bag of dog-shit and because of that, they can’t take any responsibility for their actions and shouldn’t be trusted with anything other than a rubber-toy hammer. These are people in positions of authority who honestly don’t know how to think at all yet they think they know everything and the price of it. And if they’re presented with evidence of their stupidity and incompetence, they can’t deal with that because they don’t have the brain cells allocated for intelligent thought in the first place.

Second, some people are just assholes who won’t take any responsibility for their fuck-ups. To them, it’s always someone else’s fault even though they were the ones in charge of the fuck-up in the first place.

Third, they honestly believe in their own version of the truth when reality clearly shows otherwise. These ‘true believers’ are dangerous because some of them can get other people to believe in their lies and bullshit right alongside them.

But the worst thing any of these asshole-types do when confronted over their lies, incompetence, and bullshit is to try and blame everyone else. In my previous wimpy-life phase, which I’m pretty much done with, I used to think these assholes were right. That somehow, someway, I should have known or sensed their bullshit was coming.

Bullshit to that. I should not have to be on constant guard against someone’s bullshit stupidity and be afraid of their deflecting that on me. I don’t have to jump up and down and rant and rave like a lunatic to make my point because I know I can be polite and courteous and present the truth. And if that makes someone squirm and wish they’d worn an adult diaper, then I hope they get to a toilet before they really shit all over the place.

If someone has a problem communicating necessary information, they need to be taken out of that position where that is a requirement. There is no need to figure out why they’re like that or if they can be changed. That sounds harsh but no one should have to take a crowbar and pry someone’s head out of their ass.

So what really needs to change here?

Stand up and be firm in the truth of the matter. I had a few seconds where I had second thoughts about tweeting out what I did to Uber. I had a few seconds of tiny fear that I would muck things up. Then I thought: no, I’m posting something I found online that THEY posted, not me. If someone comes at me for something I found I’m probably going to reply with: “Really? I found this. I didn’t post this myself. But that’s not the issue, the issue is a problem that needs to be fixed.” Years ago, I would have been shaking like a leaf in a hurricane over this. Now I’m taking deep breathes and being calm knowing that truth will win eventually.

What we need to do now is stand up and stop every attempt to deflect from the truth and blame someone innocent person for a fuck-up that wasn’t theirs. We need to say in a calm way, ‘No’. I have spent way too many years cowering in fear of incompetent fools but no more cowering. I may have a stray second thought or two but in the end, truth wins.

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