Then and Now – Too Late Edition

If someone asked me what the difference was between now and back then (pre-2016), I would say one thing:


Or to get ugly and crude here: back then they would bring out the dead to vote. Now they bring out the dead to put them in refrigerated trucks until they can find a place to bury them.

I’m currently reading ‘Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She?” It’s a collection of Molly’s writing over the years from the 1970’s to about 1990 (the book was originally published in 1991). In it she talks about the shenanigans of the Texas State Legislature in the 1970’s and 80’s (or as I would say, from the ‘you can’t make shit like this up’ files) to Regan and Bush, Senior.

I look back on all that shit, and at Bush, Jr and Iraq, Bill Clinton ending his administration as a total dick, and realize that by the time we got the right guy in the White House, Barack Obama, it was too late. It was too late because the shit we weren’t talking about back then near as much as we should have been, such as racism and white supremacists, disinformation campaigns, and the absolute bullshit of the ‘culture wars’, snow-balled into the shit-storm we have now that has led to the beginning of a real genocide.

The word ‘genocide’ was only used in the 80’s and 90’s and so on back then to describe horrors like the Holocaust or other mass murders like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia or in Rwanda. It was never used in this country but that is what’s happening now. As of today, over two hundred and twenty-thousand people have died from covid-19 with that number projected to double between now and the end of the year unless mitigation efforts are stepped up. But just because we vote Trump and company out next week won’t bring those mitigation efforts won’t come online until after the first of the year at best. That lockdown we went through last Spring will have to be repeated again. Hopefully it’ll be run by people who know what the fuck they’re doing and are hell-bent and determined to save lives unlike the present administration.

Starting back in the 1980’s, a big issue was the economy with Regan hell-bent on ramming ‘trickle-down economics’ down America’s throat. But Bill Clinton did a version of that in the 90’s thinking dot-com speculation was a better take on that. And Bush, Jr and company decided to hell with that shit and just start a war to fill some bank accounts up and leave future generations paying the bills they ran out on. So by the time 2008 rolled around, it was too late. Conservatives can’t think their way out of a paper bag when it comes to economics and Liberals finally realize there is no compromise with people who think suffering is justified, especially for people who are poor, black, brown, or anything other than lily-white solid Republican voters.

In the 1980’s, white supremacists were just marching in the streets getting yelled at or out in the woods shooting at beer cans and jerking each other off. But after Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City, we saw they were serious about their fucking shit. But by the time the Clinton administration went down in a stained-blue dress, it was too late. Bush, Jr and company didn’t give a shit about that at all and these racist motherfuckers saw their opening. And worst of all, conservatives sold their souls to these motherfuckers all because of a simple re-branding campaign that gave us a new term ‘alt-right’ to use instead of ‘Evil Nazi’. These monsters are for real, and we need to put them back in their cells and lock the fucking door as tight as we can.

Most of all, we need to find ways to teach people how to think for themselves and see through loud-mouth bullshit. For example, this dumb-ass idea that someone is going to come along and take your job and house shit, especially if that someone is black or brown is a huge crock of shit. It’s a crock of shit because the bastard peddling that shit to you has only given you a crumb to chew on and sees you and everyone else as a rat to be fed crumbs. Greedy rich bastards who refuse to be responsible and not treat people like rats have done nothing to earn their wealth, or have it preserved. They took the jobs and the houses and have left the rest of us with nothing but crumbs to fight over. Tax the rich, clean out their off-shore bank accounts, and make greed a real sin again.

Now I’m sure some moron will ask if we could live in a world without a pandemic every five minutes, fighting over crumbs, and trying not to get exterminated in other ways. Let’s find out, shall we? I mean, we’ve tried this shit-show for so damn long and that hasn’t worked out too well as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t want to believe we’re on the ‘Eve of Destruction’ as the old song goes, but I have to ask: is this the last chance we get to pull it back from the brink? Only time will answer that question.

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