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My writing can be sarcastic, profane, irreverent, wise-cracking, and somewhat serious, sometimes all in the same paragraph.

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Stand or Fall: A Different Experience

I think a lot of the differences in political or ideological beliefs come down to one thing: acknowledging and accepting that people have different experiences from your own. Growing up, I was told if I got into African-American culture and history that I ‘trying to be black’. I was not trying to claim history and…

Breaking Radio Silence – Sharing Your Experiences With Honesty

For the longest time, I used to look back at my childhood and adolescent years and think that was just the way things were back then. It’s taken me these past seven years to realize that I normalized a lot of crazy-ass shit because I didn’t have any experience that showed me otherwise. In these…

Sunday Inspiration: Live In the Moment

Recently this thought came to me: Anxiety makes me feel like I’m living in the worst moments of my past on auto-repeat while being absolutely terrified of a future that may or may not happen. This thought really hit me hard because of one thing: no mention of the present. This was followed by this…

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